William Street Long Lunch – Kodak Portra 160 Inspired

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to try something different for date night. We joined in on the William Street Long Lunch event in Northbridge.

As I wanted a camera setup that was small and lightweight to carry for our walk around Northbridge for the William Street Long Lunch event, I decided to bring an oldie along. It’s been a long while since I picked up and photographed with my Fujifilm X-T10 and even longer since I shot with my Fujinon 27mm f2.8 lens. Ever since the Fujifilm X-T4 entered my life, the little Fujifilm X-T10 hasn’t been shown much love. The 27mm mark I is one of the first Fujinon lenses I owned, and since procuring other “optically better” and newer lens, I also haven’t gone back to the 27mm in a long while.

The original 27mm lens was first released in 2013, so the tech is almost a decade old. I expected imperfections of course. But boy did it still hold up well, especially for it’s size and weight! It reminded me why I loved that lens so much. I was really pleased with how some of the images turned out.

Sure it was a little slow to focus and my usable images were only around 50%. But the colour reproduction and the quality of the images were just right. I wanted a no frills approach to my photography for the day and decided to shoot JPEG in Fine quality with the following settings:

  • Film Simulation: Classic Chrome
  • ISO: Auto 1600
  • White Balance: Sunlight
  • Dynamic Range: 100
  • NR: -2
  • Highlights: -2
  • Shadow: +1
  • Colour: +2
  • Sharpness: -2

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