“Fuji X Aus helped me decide which camera system to go to when I was making a switch from an entry level body with everyone’s favourite 18-55mm. The group is really helpful (and patient for a very long time) and you’ll find all sorts of photographers and creators here from portrait to food photography artists. Joe and his team have done a tremendous job in creating a thriving photographic community that few brands could rival.”

Alan Nguyen

“Fuji X Aus is my go to for inspiration, Knowledge, critique and friendship.. the member’s knowledge within the group is outstanding and I’ve learnt a lot from them. Top that off with quality free merchandise from time to time!! Couldn’t ask for a more supportive bunch to have in my corner.”

Pinky Spencer

“Fuji X Aus is probably the best photography related community I’m apart of. Everyone is accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. A great group to be apart of and would highly recommend others who’ve joined the Fuji family to come on board!”

Emma Gardner

“Fuji x aus makes me feel like my impulses are normal. It’s a great place to be where we can all support each other through GAS and feel that we are not alone.”

Andrew Neal

“Joe cares.”

Jess Varey

“Fuji X Aus is the place to go to for advice, support and a good laugh. I’ve really enjoyed meeting & hanging out with other members at the Melbourne events. Best community to be a part of, thanks to Joe & his team.”

Rena Tan

“They made me buy a 35mm f2… And I’m glad, a brilliant purchase. This group is the main reason I click the Facebook app on my phone every few minutes.”

Joe Maurici

“I have met and discovered an amazing group of talented enthusiastic photographers who love sharing knowledge and enthusiasm as much as photography”

Roger Hyland

“I’ve learned a lot from Fuji X Aus. Just recently for example, I learned that you can get totally drunk and win a photo contest while you’re at it.”

Francis Gorrez

“Fujixaus is the most convivial, fun, relevant, friendly and helpful out there bar none. Like a big and growing family that’s been a staple of my photographic life for the last two years not just through online tips and exchanges but also real life activities and friendships. Hats off to the admins for making it grow to what is has become and keeping it the most trolling and family friendly place on those rare occasions threats showed their heads. I also find it a level playing field free of discrimination regardless of gender, race, skill level and even state origin despite the good humoured banter. I follow several Fuji related groups but this is my home for posting and interacting.”

Igor Vyvey

“This is the only group on Facebook I constantly check in. It’s inspiring to see the works of talented photographers at all level posted here. The enthusiasm and warmth of the group is contagious, and there’s always someone happy to give advice or point you at the right direction. Well done and thank you so much for all the efforts Admin”

Erwin Atmadjaja

“The most encouraging, helpful and genuine group I’ve ever joined. People are always willing to help and I am often left inspired after seeing other people’s photos. What a photography group should be”

Nicholas Jolliffe