Long Exposure Tip – A Must Know – Harmeet Gabha

In today’s blog I present to you long time Fuji X Aus member Harmeet Gabha.  I have long admired his work and also his desire to share his knowledge and processes with others via his YouTube channel. This kind of work is essential to support other photographers that are new to the field or seeking inspiration. You can check out his YouTube channel right here! Today, Harmeet tackles a problem that many Fujifilm X Series shooters come across when shooting long exposures. Let’s hear what he has to offer.

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Word on the street! – A street photographers’ story – Dean Knowles

I like to consider myself a street photographer. I do all other sorts of photography – parties, events, travel, landscape, portraits and more. But what I love most is street photography. That is my central groove. It is my art. That is what got me into photography in the first place. It got me out and about. It was also what led me to make the move to Fujifilm X Series cameras and bodies. I felt I had so much more creative control to capture my own style of art.

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Fuji X Aus – Fujifilm Australia – Digital Camera Warehouse – Melbourne Photo Walk – May 25, 2018.

I have been a member of the Fuji X Aus Facebook group for a couple of years now and even had a stint as an administrator here in Melbourne. One of the key things that stands out and sets this group apart from other such groups, is its solid sense of community and shared values. I have joined and subsequently left other photography groups where poor etiquette and sometimes even nasty behaviour has gone unchecked. Individuals ruthlessly abusing others about their images or opinions that they have shared. It’s just an ugly scene and unfortunately a part of todays social media scene that I sincerely dislike. But in Fuji X Aus, the values of respect, support and encouragement are clearly evident. The admin team stand for no negative or disrespectful behaviour. So it is a safe space for people to share their work and opinions. And of course there is a shared love of all things photography and all things Fujifilm related.

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