Antelope Canyon – The Magic & The Reality – Stephen Vincent-Grace

Welcome one and all to a new year of blogs and content on the Fuji X Aus site made especially for the Fuji X Aus community. 2019! When I was a kid, 2019 was the far distant future where we all had flying cars and jetpacks. Whilst no jetpack, not to worry, as we have access to the best camera system currently on the planet. To kick things off, we have a guest blogger today in Stephen Vincent-Grace. Stephen is a travel photographer and blogger of his own amazing site and today he shares with us some of his journey and experience with Fujifilm X Series. Stephen, the floor is all yours…

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Fuji X Aus Mystery Member – Tongue Bui

Like many of you, I have some photographers that I follow on various social media channels. I follow some because they have a really unique style or approach to a genre of photography. Others I follow because they photograph parts of the world that interest me  or places I too have been and photographed. Some have a strict formula for how they present their images on one specific media channel.  I have lots of photographic heroes to say the least. One of those heroes is Tongue Bui. He is a member of the Fuji X Aus community but is now Toronto based. If you have not heard of the name, then you will certainly have recognised his signature style of highly dynamic and colourful portraiture images.

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