Fuji X Aus – Fujifilm Australia – Cocktails

On a chilly Melbourne night, we gathered in a dark private space, sipped cocktails and talked cameras. Sound like any photographic community event you have ever heard of? Well, it is true. Around a dozen members of Fuji X Aus were invited by Leigh, from Fujifilm Australia, to meet at the Waterslide Bar located discretely in the East end of Southgate. What followed was a risky experiment with cocktails and cameras. Cocktails & Cameras – that has a catchy ring doesn’t it?

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Fujifilm Prime Versus Zoom Lenses – The Sequel

Continuing on with my series of blogs for the Fuji X Aus site. The key to these blogs will be all about gathering the thoughts, opinions, insights, skills, workflows and tips directly from members of the Fuji X Aus Facebook group. These blogs will be about some of those key photography questions that we see discussed in the group on a fairly regular basis.  And in return it is my hope that these blogs will give back to the greater community a wealth of information. The members are approached by myself for a short interview to gain a little insight into who they, what they shoot and why they use Fujifilm X Series products.

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