Fuji X Aus – Melbourne Photo Walk – 24 November 2018

Something a little bit different from me this time around. Not going to interview anyone. Not going to review any gear. Just going to talk about what was an epic day. A day, for me and I am sure my fellow participants, that was all about community, friendship and of course photography.  What more could you want? Oh yes, there was plenty of fine coffee. And of course, a day spent in Melbourne always includes amazing food. And the weather turned out to be not too bad after a drizzly start. So let me tell you all about the most recent Fuji X Aus Melbourne photo walk.

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The reasons why we choose to take up and pursue photography are countless. It may be the need to explore a creative outlet, or to take on a hobby that gets you out and about. It may be as a career choice or purely to have some fun and meet and interact with like-minded people. 
In having conversations with many members of the Fuji X Aus group, and more directly in conducting interviews for the Fuji X Aus website, it is clear that many people have very clear and strong personal reasons for choosing this path. Previously we had a discussion with Fuji X Aus member Peter Walpole whose story struck a very personal cord for me in how he has used his photography as a form of therapy to manage the impacts of a life changing event and ongoing medical issues. Shooting through adversity. It was inspiring for me as I am sure it was for you. If you haven’t read that interview yet, then please do so be clicking here.