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We have the best community around. Our group gathers once a month and we often visit new places, meet familiar and new friends and participate in challenges that’ll make you want to throw your camera (and later send it to Fujifilm Australia for repair). The month of August was a special one in our books. We gathered at Newtown, NSW to experiment with all sorts of lights. From strobes, speedlites and to the raw power of the sun. Many of us know how to use our cameras fairly well, however when it comes to using external flashes, it was like photography 101 all over again. What better place to practice than in the land of hipsters?

Chris Forman1.jpg
Taken by Chris Forman
Taken by Igor Vyvey

We met at 1:30pm in front of the ‘I Have a Dream’ mural. Regardless of the man next to us huffing and puffing his smokes, we held our ground till every last member arrived. From here we made our way to Camperdown Memorial Rest Park where all 10 of us bumped into our two lighting gurus, Steve Dimitriadis and Khoa Hoang. Funny enough they were standing on two different areas of the park, staring each other down with their multitudes of lighting equipment, along with what appears to be lightsabers. After the formalities, the workshop began. Bags were unpacked, softboxes and external flashes were ready and we were keen to let our creative imagination go wild.

Clare Del Rosario .jpg
Taken by Clare Del Rosario

Learning the principles of lighting definitely felt like learning a new language for many of us. The variables of TTL, HSS, lighting positions, camera settings, triggers, and not being able to see through the viewfinder time to time was daunting. However, us learning together was so much better than learning alone. For everything we’ve learnt led to questions, and questions led to answers and the cycle continued till we were content. Many of us did not leave the meet up pretending we became experts over an afternoon, but we all can say we’ve learnt something we never knew before. This was the anthem of our conversations as we sat and reflected on the afternoon.

Taken by Steve Dimitriadis
Chris Forman.jpg
Taken by Chris Forman

I would like to say a special thank you to Harmeet Gabha for documenting this meetup. Click here to see his clip of our event and his other content.

Taken by Charlie Blevins

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  1. I can only echo Charlie’s words that FujiXAus is the best community all there. It has grown considerably since joining it in its early days, not just in membership size but also in maturity and scope. The bonds of friendship have expanded well beyond the technicalities of our gear. The variety of activities, challenges and themes both online and in the flesh month to month have been a great learning but also social highlight for me. The outing in Newtown was a case in point that taught me much in very pleasurable company. Thumbs up to all the organisers!

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