SYD FXA + Ted’s World of Imaging MARCH COLLAB

Often after New Years Day, many of us would choose and act on our goals for the year ahead. For us as a FXA community, our goal has and will always be about investing in our community and the broader photography community. In this spirit, we were so glad that Ted’s World of Imaging was open to connect with us to pull off a successful event on January 19th. On top of this, Fujifilm Australia came along too and taught us the history of photography, the strides and innovation of their technology and answered a lot of questions from our attendees. You can read more about this event here:

TWI + FA + FXA January Meet Up

Chatting to TWI, we knew we had to do another event together. Following the success of workshops led by Michael Catabay and Stephen Blake, we kept the same format and had Ian Tan and Nick Turner teach us their knowledge in their respective fields. Before we get into the meat of this post, I’d like to thank the following:

  • Ted’s World of Imaging
    • We have the upmost respect for you guys and cannot stop raving about you all. Staff, products and the key emphasis on teaching is so invaluable. We are happy that the refurbishment of the place finally reflects the vision you had all this time. Thank you once again and looking forward to even more future collaborations.
  • Fujifilm Australia
    • We do not need to say much, but you know our Fuji X Aus community has A LOT of love for the brand, but more importantly the people behind it. We are proud to say that as an independent community, we have the highest regard for you all and are proud Fujifilm users for life (one day we all may get matching Fujifilm tattoos just to prove that the love is real).
  • Fuji X Aus Community
    • Ian Tan
      • Thank you for coming to Sydney to teach us your majestic video ways. You inspire us and remind us that our cameras also has a video dial to switch to. We love you brother! ( Vimeo Account Here )
    • Nick Turner
      • From the time of the event, we only knew you for a month. Yet, already we felt like you’ve been part of our Fuji X Aus family for ages. Glad to have you on board and we appreciate you sharing your knowledge on product photography. (Instagram – @therealnickturner )
    • Tina Lee (Founder of No More Ugly) – Website
      • Thank you for not only introducing us to Nick Turner, but for bringing a few bags that were used for Nick’s segment. We appreciate our friendship and are looking forward to future collaborations! (And as a NMU camera backpack owner, I cannot recommend these bags enough.)
    • JP Magpayo
      • What would SYD Fuji X Aus do without you? Thank you for giving up so much time to not only document our events, but also the behind the scenes editing. Thanks again mate, you are the real MVP.  (YouTube Channel – Here )
    • Jason De Plater
      • Thank you for being our official photographer for the day. You documented the day accurately and we can confirm that you captured everyone’s good side! ( Instagram – @jasondeplater)
    • Chris Forman. ( Instagram – @_chrisforman)
      • Team work makes the dream work. Chris and I often work together to pull off our events every month. Appreciate you mate, let’s continue to make 2019 our best year yet.
    • Our FXA Community
      • Your presence matters. Every month we have an event going on and it has been encouraging to many of us that we are strong in numbers. It is interesting that even though our numbers have been increasing, our relationships have been growing deeper and deeper every meet up. we truely are a family.

Alright, let’s jump into it!


Thank you Warwick Williams for bringing a lot of clarity around the Fujifilm System. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we as a community love our Fujifilm cameras because of the user-friendly and advance technology, the premium service you all often provide and lastly the beautiful images the cameras produces. It was also a major bonus for us to see the new X-T30 and 16mm f2.8 in the flesh!

IAN TAN (Videographer)

A big shout out to Ian and Rena Tan from Fujixaus Melbourne. Ian gave us a great insight into his video capture and production with some great tips as takeaways, such as how to use your neck strap to stabilise your camera when a tripod isn’t available or practical to carry. The use of aperture to add effect to your video through the control of depth of field. Thanks for sharing Ian we look forward to your next trip north. – Jim


Ian taught us the essentials when it comes to videography. Now, If you don’t know Ian, you need to know Ian. Not only is he one of the admins from our Melbourne sector, but he is just an all around knowledgable and relatable person. When we asked him if he would be keen to lead a workshop for this meet up, he did not hesitate. That is just the kind of guy he is, generous in words and deeds. Our members were encouraged tremendously to step outside of our photography bubbles and to really absorb the merits of applying video into our craft. Ian was very practical in his approach and debunked a lot of myths in videography that made it easy for us to be confident in this new territory. To see his slides, click here .

NICK TURNER (Product Photographer)

Nick’s workshop was great. Never thought of using shadows in OCF much, as portraiture tries to avoid shadows too much. Have now incorporated learnings into shooting more different styles and not just sticking to glamour portraiture – Khoa


Before this event, we only knew Nick for a bit over a month. However, after having a quick coffee with him, I knew instantly that he was a guy that we had to have in our Fuji X Aus family. Nick is a product photographer who produces amazing work. We don’t have many photographers who specialise in this field, so for Nick to offer his time and knowledge was invaluable. I think what blew my mind is that a few hours after the workshop, we had a few members apply his techniques on our main page. This was such a great indicator that his workshop material left an imprint in us all. His slideshow can be found here

If you have not yet seen JP Magpayo’s video recounting our time together, check it out here!


Special shoutout again to Jason De Plater for taking these photographs


Please comment below any questions you may have or anything additional to add!

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