SYD Fuji X Aus + Ted’s World of Imaging on Pitt St

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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

For the first time in Fuji X Aus history, we had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Ted’s World of Imaging on Pitt St. The event was so big that the City of Sydney wanted to declare the 19th of January as a public holiday to celebrate photographers nationwide. Okay, it wasn’t at that volume, but many can attest it felt like it. The event officially began at 12pm and we had around 60 attendees with quite a few arriving a lot earlier. When we saw this, we were impacted by the eagerness to learn from one another. It was a true mark of great things to come.

After Mike (the National Event Manager of Teds) and I welcomed everyone, we had Warrewyk Williams from Fujifilm AU share his wisdom on the history of photography and the strides that Fujifilm had accomplished over and over again. Many attendees were Fujifilm users, so it was such an applicable talk as it helped us to understand the craftsmanship that goes into our cameras. Beyond our own personal gear, Warrewyk brought A LOT of gear for us to try. As I was ready to buy the Fujifilm 50R, my wife somehow blocked my credit card that day. I’m sure this didn’t only happen to me that evening.

Photo by Chris Forman

Following Warrewyk’s presentation, it was time for our first workshop.


” I wasn’t particularly interested in his vlogging workshop as it seemed the sort of thing I wouldn’t do… but I found it most inspiring and interesting. What he did was kind of normalise it by telling his story… what was refreshing is that it was a sort of everyday story and not too out of this world…so he made the idea of blogging and vlogging seem within reach of ordinary people, me. I don’t know if you understand that… but I think sometimes for instance when people give workshops they oversell – he didn’t. He kept it exciting but realistic! And he made me realise that it doesn’t have to be a huge, extravagant storyline, just something I’m passionate about! It was clever how he talked about all the different steps to vlogging, from blogging to Facebook and Instagram stories to short videos. It made me realise that I was already partly vlogging anyway.” – Paula (Attendee)

Michael Catabay is a Sydney-based photographer and blogger. In his presentation (Storytelling through Vlogging), he briefly shared his ‘why’ behind storytelling, and afterwards encouraged everyone present that we all have a story to share. Therefore, we all can take part in blogging/vlogging. After discussing camera settings, he gave everyone a blogging structure that was tremendously helpful. Here’s the summary:

  • Context – We must decide the scene
  • Question – What is the question and the answer everyone is seeking? This would be considered the, ‘What’.
  • The Cost – What is at stake? This would be the, ‘Why’.
  • Exploration – What possibilities and solutions could we explore and discover? This would be the, ‘How’.
  • Opinion – Share your thoughts and your perspective.
  • Action – After going through each step, what action would we want from our audience? Do we want them to answer a specific question or to partake in a collective solution?

After this segment, Michael challenged each person to do a vlog on our own personal social media accounts. Most participated, others hid around the building to avoid the activity as this was fearsome to a few. Nevertheless, I guarded the coffee and cookie machine to ensure no one was getting anything unless a video was posted.

Thank you Michael for sharing your story and inspiring each of us to step outside of our bubble to grow in documenting our own stories.

To see Michael Catabay’s slideshow, Click Here


“It was a great workshop with Stephen as it reminded me to keep things simple with lighting techniques that most photographers tend to complicate. I like the technique where he taught us to set up the fill light first, then main light later on. That was a nice thing to share from a professional photographer.” – Rujipart (Attendee)

Our second workshop was titled, ‘Lighting Fundamentals’ and it was led by the famous Stephen Blake. He has taught us how to compose a photograph with two sources of light. One being the key light and the other being the fill light.

  • Key Light – This source of light is used to bring out your main subject.
  • Fill Light – This source of light is used to bring out the environment your subject is in.

Here is a screenshot of an image from his slideshow demonstrating these two sources of light in action:

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 5.37.13 pm.png

To clarify, Stephen made a point that we do not always need to have ‘two sources of light.’ We can have one source of light (being natural or using a speedlite) and use a reflector to act as a second source of light (i.e. fill light.) After his presentation, he gave a live demonstration how he sets up his gear, what he looks for and showing the practicalities of using different lightings for his portrait photography. You can find his slideshow right HERE.



Thank you Stephen for your time and for teaching us valuable skills we can apply in our journeys in photography. Countless conversations attested of your great knowledge and impacted us all.

At the conclusion of our event, it was time for prizes. We wanted to say a special thank you to Fujifilm AU and Ted’s World of Imaging on Pitt St for organising two $200.00 gift cards, 9 bags of Fujifilm merchandise and a store discount for all attendees present. After the winners were selected, many stayed around still wanting to learn from our presenters, meet new/familiar people and tried out the Fujifilm gear present (notably the Fujifilm 50R + the new GF 100-200mm.) It was an event we could never forget.

‘The Teds World of Imaging and Fuji X Aus workshop was a great event. Teds new shop has a great space for presentations and learning. Warrewyk, Michael and Stephen were all great presenters whom were informative and happy to answer any questions asked by the attendees. The Fuji X Aus group is getting bigger and better.’
– Tony (Attendee)


A special thank you to JP Magpayo for making this highlight film so we can look back and remember how amazing the event was. You captured the heart and soul of it and we are so appreciative of the time you took to put this together. After viewing his video, we would love to encourage you to subscribe to his channel.


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this phenomenal event and we hope you will be able to join us at our next event that will be announced sometime in the near future.


Whether you attended or just had a read of this blog post, What was your highlight? Please comment below!

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