Peak Design Repair Experience – Robin Mascall

I use a Peak Design 20L Everyday Backpack for my camera gear, and it comes with me to work, and everywhere I go. It’s a fantastic bag, it features enough pockets for spare batteries, filters and cables. Inside the main compartment, there are 3 adjustable folding shelves. These are fantastic! They are held in by Velcro and can be folded up to help secure lenses, or provide a different configuration of storage space so you could fit a small tripod or a longer lens down the side of the bag. 

The other killer feature is the fact you have 3 spots you can access the main compartment from. The sides unzip, and there is a very secure latch on the top flap of the bag, giving you easy access to the top shelf and your camera. It’s weather-resistant too, without needing to put a custom fit rain jacket over the bag.

I recently noticed that part of the stitching had given way on one side. Not a huge deal, it was only a couple of stitches at the top of a side pocket. Definitely not a show stopper.

I logged onto the Peak Design website and logged a warranty claim on a Friday, expecting that I would either be told its general wear and tear and nothing could be done, that I would have to post it off to get it fixed or to get it fixed locally at a tailors/boot makers and request reimbursement.

Amazingly, Peak Design responded within a few hours, and they dispatched me a brand-new bag as a replacement. It was sent Monday morning via air express from NSW and arrived at my doorstep a day later. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Peak Design also state they do not want the old gear back and encourage you to recycle it / donate it to help be environmentally aware.

Peak Design provides a lifetime warranty on their products. If you have any of their gear, I strongly suggest you should register it on their website. You will still need to upload the proof of purchase separately for a warranty claim should the need arise, but it is handy to have a full list of your gear to refer to.

I use a few bits of their gear, the 20L everyday backpack, the slider neck strap and the wrist strap. I was happy with the quality of their gear, my experience with their customer service and warranty has left me happy to recommend their gear to anyone.

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