Meet the team

Joe Jongue
Joe Jongue – Founder

JOE JONGUE aka Chuck Norris aka Kim Jong-Nam. One of the co-founders of FujiXAus and rumoured to be Kim Jongue Un’s long lost brother who survived an assassination attempt when the assassins made the mistake of using a Nikon. He once photographed a ghost with only Instax film and his hand and is rumoured to be the only person to have photographed a nuclear exposure at f0.95 without getting it overexposed.

Ian Tan – Melbourne Admin

IAN TAN aka “The Rogue Spy” – Currently an admin of Fuji X Aus but known to associate with Sony users, after marrying one. The most dangerous of Fujifilm users, a Fujifilm user who won’t pick sides against Sony users because his wife wears the pants. Does food photography in his spare time but only so he can bribe her to let him attend Fujifilm meetups but keeps forgetting she uses Sony and brings her along. Do not tell him any Fujifilm secrets!

Natalia Naa – Melbourne Admin

NATALIA NAA aka Unicorn Stalker. A talented photographer with questionable taste in friends after adding numerous Fuji Admins to her friends’ list. Born when a fairy unicorn vaulted over her mother during a full moon and a comet flew past, and as a result, has a birthmark like a Fujifilm camera on her left toe. Openly stalks couples and photographs them cuddling and kissing on the beach whilst putting together her book “Happy couples I would secretly like to murder”. Was voted “Most likely to murder a happy couple on the beach” by her peers at school in her yearbook.

Greg Cromie – Melbourne Admin

GREG CROMIE aka Ginger Ninja is a Melbourne based photographer and blogger with a keen love of street photography. He also dabbles in landscape, events, portrait, kids and pets. However, he is more infamous for his annual pilgrimage to Japan each year to document such an amazing and dynamic culture and country. He is an active member of the Fuji X Aus community with a strong focus on writing a wide range of topical blogs about and with members of the community.

Charlie Blevins – Sydney Admin

CHARLIE BLEVINS aka Sweet Chuck is so sweet, not even diet coke will go near him. Charlie is so innocent, he still thinks an Escort Agency is a Ford Dealership. Once sacrificed his Fujifilm camera to dive in front of a train to save a kitten. Secretly wants to live in Melbourne so he can be closer to Ian’s gear collection but can’t leave Sydney because he gets too scared of heights to cross the bridge. Works tirelessly and selflessly to bring the FujiXAus community together in Sydney but cries himself to sleep most nights whilst listening to crowded house “4 seasons in one day”.

Gustavo Potenza – Perth Admin

GUSTAVO POTENZA aka “The Italian Jimmy Hendrix” – Gustavo achieved world acclaim when he invented the Guitagrapher, a guitar and camera combined but sadly it never took off as most musicians are too high to remember to take photos. Currently representing Perth where the population of 12 can only sustain two Fujifilm photographers, which includes both his wife and himself, but it’ll be 3 when his daughter is old enough to hold the camera.

Antonio Colaiacovo – ???

ANTONIO COLAIACOVO aka “The Lone Wolf”, is believed he co-founded the Fuji X Aus group and the only person to have seen Chuck without a non-Fujifilm camera. Went AWOL for 2 years after binge-watching a Bear Grylls series on Netflix and hiding in the botanical gardens, feeding himself on only Australian Bush Turkeys so he could photograph the mating habits of the common brushtail possum. Returned home after he realised he left his memory card behind.