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In today’s blog I present to you long time Fuji X Aus member Harmeet Gabha.  I have long admired his work and also his desire to share his knowledge and processes with others via his YouTube channel. This kind of work is essential to support other photographers that are new to the field or seeking inspiration. You can check out his YouTube channel right here! Today, Harmeet tackles a problem that many Fujifilm X Series shooters come across when shooting long exposures. Let’s hear what he has to offer.

I discovered this many years ago when I was taking a photo of stars at night. I would take a shot and the shutter would be open for 15-30 seconds but then the camera would wait and do something for another 15-30 seconds and stop me from taking the next shot. It was very annoying and I was worried something was wrong with my camera as this is not something that the camera normally did when it came to normal 1 or 2 second exposure or less. I recall being so worried that I turned OFF my camera (even though you should not do that).

So I Googled around and found out that its a setting in the camera referred to as “Long Exposure Noise Reduction” which is ON by default on most cameras – DSLR and Mirrorless. What the camera is doing is reducing noise after taking the shot. It does that because on a long exposure the sensor can get hot and a hot sensor will produce some noise.


Cameras of today’s age are really really good when it comes to NOISE!! I recall I was shooting a Canon 400D 10 years ago and shooting in Camera RAW. And just because its in RAW format a small adjustment in Lightroom of the Noise Slider would get rid of minor noise that was in the RAW file.

Fast forward 10 years and now a days I’m using Fujifilm X-T2 and X-T3 which are phenomenal cameras with sensors that produce very low noise even at high ISOs. It hadn’t been long since I got my X-T3 and I was shooting some Sunrise shots when my camera after shooting an 8 second exposure gave me a message “Processing…” took another 8 seconds and then was ready for the next shot.

0 - Long Exp NR

So I thought I would do a video on my channel to share this tip, which I feel is a MUST for everyone to know. Whether you apply it or not or whether is works for your style of photos. Either way its good to know about this.

So I navigated into the Menu on my Fujiflim X-T3, to find this setting

1 - Long Exp NR ON

Turned off “Long Exposure NR”.

2 - Long Exp NR Setting

Now my camera is ready to take one shot after another without any delay.

3 - Long Exp NR Off

This can be quite useful when timing is crucial with your Long Exposure. For example when you want to shoot Light Trails of cars passing by, waves moving over the rocks and people crossing an intersection.

4 - Long Exp ExampleSo in my case I always turn off this setting as I find it quite annoying having to wait before I can take the next shot. 

You can also check out a video on this process on my YouTube channel here!

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  1. It maybe your choice to turn off Long Exp Noise Reduction Harmeet, but it’s there for a very good reason……. and I’ve never been in that much of a hurry that another 8 seconds is such a big deal and is going to ruin my photographic pleasure, not using it has ruined some night shots of mine with coloured or missing pixels when I did turn it off, I wanted to see for myself what effects it had.

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