Hiking Numbat Walking Track in Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, Avon Valley

Last weekend was a long weekend for us West Aussies to mark WA Day. A few friends and I decided to head out for a hike to kick off our long weekend.

Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Avon Valley, about an hour’s drive north east of Perth. It’s only open during the cooler months, autumn through to spring. It’s a privately owned and managed parkland that is well maintained and the walking trails are easy to follow. There are 3 hiking trail loops you can walk on depending on how far you want to walk. There’s a $10 entry fee per person and you have to book in advance to ensure you snag a spot as they only allow a limited number of hikers into the sanctuary each day.

The Possum Loop Walking Trail is the shortest at only 2.3km and is easy and suitable for almost everyone.

The Quenda Circuit Walking Trail is 6.5km in length. I previously walked on this trail with a different group of friends many years ago. It’s not too difficult and quite a nice walk without being too vigorous.

The Numbat Walking Track is the longest of them all at 12km. As we had a fair bit of time and were up for a bit more of a challenge, we decided on this track. The walk is rated at medium to hard depending on your fitness level. It also incorporates parts of the Quenda and Possum trails.

For more information on the Numbat Track you’ll find it here:

I was undecided about what camera to bring along and eventually decided to once again bring my good old Fujifilm X-T10 camera with the all-rounder Fujinon 23mm f2 lens. Given it was going to be a long walk, I was very conscious of the weight of my backpack. Which is why I opted for the smaller and lighter camera set up for the hike.

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