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Someone saw photos of me out on a shoot with a Greg and asked if I could do a review for Greg because they were looking to shoot with him. It’s at this point that I realised that Greg hasn’t had a lot of publicity and reviews so it was time for a Greg v0.1 review. 

For those who don’t know Greg, he has been part of the Fujifilm since before time started, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he drew Fuji X Aus on a piece of papyrus around 2000BC, such is his wisdom. At one point, Greg was rumoured to own more Fujifilm gear than Fujifilm Australia and they would regularly request loan gear from him before he discovered Buddhism on a trip to Japan; and simplified his gear down to just the Fujicrons and an X70 after meditating for 7 days straight and reaching a higher level of enlightenment than anyone in history.

Ordering process

Ordering your own personal Greg is likely to be beyond the cost of most people, but if you are part of the Fuji X Aus group, you can order Greg through the group by messaging Greg Cromie with the following message: “Do you want to go on a shoot with me?”

Responses are normally prompt unless you message him outside Facebook hours.

If you’re not sure where to find the Greg, I would recommend attending Fuji X Aus meets in Melbourne and he will be hard to miss. Sydney folk do not have access to the Greg and he cannot travel on aeroplanes due to his level of enlightenment which counters gravity limiting the ability of planes to land.


I ordered my Greg on Tuesday for a shoot on Saturday. Arrival was very punctual. I said 2pm, and when I arrived just before 2pm he was already waiting. He normally answers to the name of Greg, or Dumbledore, the latter tried at your own risk.

Construction quality

Construction quality of the Greg is pretty robust and I don’t see him breaking a nail playing chess. Whilst I wouldn’t attempt to throw objects at him to see if he would break, I have no reason to believe that he isn’t robust enough to survive routine industry knocks and you won’t have to treat him with kids gloves. While he doesn’t have the polished edges of some of the sleeker models, this is the price you pay for construction vs aesthetics.

Put your wallet down, that isn’t a tiny little Greg you can buy as a souvenir, this is a lens ball and that’s a real Greg behind it.

I believe Greg is of genuine construction, and no fake red hair has been used in the construction of the Greg like some of the cheap Chinese replicas you find on eBay. I tried to purchase a fake Greg a while back on eBay and it became immediately apparent when I washed it and the red dye washed out leaving me with a blonde greg. Whilst some maybe tempted to pull out the red hair to see if the construction is genuine, I would recommend against it, as it may nullify your warranty and result in permanent damage.

The Greg comes complete with Fujifilm Hat


The functionality of the Greg is very broad with lots of features and functions. Whilst the Greg v0.1 is primarily aimed at photography, like many camera bags, the Greg can be used outside of photography as well. I’m quite convinced that this version of the Greg would work very well for a variety of tasks like playing Santa or having a beer with mates.

Within the photographer area, That Greg can be used for multiple tasks, such as taking photos, holding light stands, moving light stands, holding flash equipment and intimidating Sony users.

A photo of me taken by the Greg – Very good quality as you can see

Despite his intimidating appearance, Greg is a little like a BMW M3, high-performance but easy to use – his demeanour is very soft, and you won’t find him picking fights with Sony or Canon users in pubs unless specifically asked to. The Greg also has very high degree of self control, and statement like: “Hey Greg, that Sony user said something about your mother” are unlikely to elicit any response.

Another photo of me – As you can see, Greg is extremely talented managing to take a photo of me and make it look non-repulsive

The quality of his output is very high, but please be aware that he is confined to Fujicron lenses, so shallow DOF or low light shooting may be a concern in extreme conditions only. That said, it only affects really extreme conditions and the Greg is quite capable of operating in most environments.


Overall I rate the Greg very highly. He is extremely flexible and multi talented and whilst his ZZ top looks may not form conventional appearances for a photographer, looks can be deceiving.

If you have the opportunity to shoot with the Greg, I’d highly recommend it.

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