Fujifilm X100F in 2019

On January 19th, 2017 the Fujifilm X100F was announced. Reviews and pictures of the camera could be found everywhere, yet I ignored and avoided the camera. The X-T2 plus the X-T1 met my professional and daily needs, so what was the point?

My reasons at the time for not getting the camera were:

  • I already had the 23mm f2 + 10-24mm, so the focal length was covered.
  • The $1400+ could be spent towards something more useful.
  • Why a fixed lens? It felt limiting + very specific for a specific audience.

‘As time moved forward, so did my photography.’

Fast forward to around April, 2019, I was curious about the camera again. I needed a camera that I could carry with me everyday that was light in weight, images that met my expectations and small enough that can give me the advantage to photograph in camera-conscious areas.

As time moved forward, so did my photography. The X-Pro1 + 27mm met my travel needs for some time, however the weight + autofocus speed didn’t match the way I photograph. I made the decision to trade these items (plus a few others up) in exchange for the X100F. It was a hard decision as I was so attached to the X-Pro1 + lenses, but I felt practicality was greater than the quantity of items. After this exchange and within 5 minutes of using the camera, I knew I was about to embark on a new journey in photography.

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‘It felt like the camera was custom made just for me.’

Usually it would take me a few days to get used to something new, however the X100F felt just right in my hands. The quality of images are superb and found it easy to adjust everything without my eye leaving the viewfinder. So, I listed above my reasons for not getting the camera in 2017, but here are my updated reflections:

  • 2017 –  I already had the 23mm f2 + 10-24mm, so the focal length was covered.
  • 2019 – Even though I had the focal length covered, what I didn’t consider was how much of an impact the camera body would have using the focal length. The rangefinder on the X100F felt more natural to me than the traditional viewfinder we would find on the X-T series cameras.
  • 2017-  The $1400+ could be spent towards something more useful.
  • 2019 – It’s true, if I was paying full value for the camera, it could go towards education or towards equipment for different purposes. However because I was able to trade for this camera, the expense wasn’t a factor. In saying this, I would’ve paid for the camera if that was my only option. In addition to this, To invest in something so small and so powerful for an everyday camera, I’d say it changed the way I shoot in my professional work as well.
  • 2017 – Why a fixed lens? It felt limiting + very specific for a specific audience.
  • 2019 – There’s power in limitations. Often I find that when we limit ourselves to a dedicated focal length or a photography challenge, our creativity often goes beyond the limitation. In a world where we have so much, I believe this is a double edge sword that can sap our creative energy to produce something the world has yet to see. The 23mm may appear to be for a ‘specific audience’, however the 23mm focal length (35mm equiv.) is the ideal length for everyday usage as it’s wide enough for most ‘wide shots’ and there’s little to no distortion when photographing subjects closer up. The in-built ND filter is an additional bonus that breaks the limitations of what we would find in our cameras in broad daylight (without purchasing a ND filter).

Concluding Thoughts:

My regret is not getting this camera sooner. Even though the newer version may be coming out within a year or so (according to rumours online,) the way it transformed the way I shoot was enough to justify this camera for me. Of course, this camera may not be for everyone, but may I remind us that this was exactly how I felt in 2017 before actually giving the camera a chance.

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14 thoughts on “Fujifilm X100F in 2019

  1. Seriously considering the X100F/V for the exact reasons you explained in your blog. Thanks for the information Charlie

    1. Claire as you’ve read, it was a consideration I am genuinely so glad I made. If you have any questions about the camera to help with your decision process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for reading

    2. Take it from someone who sold his X100F and has since regretted it, the X100F is an amazing camera, you often hear people refer to it being magical and when I first heard that I thought people are just too emotionally invested in their gear until I got my hands on it and said the same thing. I now have my sights set on the next iteration of the X100 series, I only hope they stick to the same formula that has made the series successful and perhaps add some additional features i.e. articulating screen, latest processor and sensor.

  2. I have had mine for nearly two years. I still look at other cameras…very occasionally. I haven’t really wanted another new camera.

    I do use in iPhone 8. I enjoy it. I also have a Rollei 35 S and a Cannon AE 1. But those are completely different beasts.

    I can’t imagine a better camera than the x100f. Is there one?

    1. Hey thanks for taking the time to read this post. Quite a collection you got there! Currently it’s the best camera for me and I’ve heard many others say the same thing. Does it make it THE best camera? Probably not, but man, it comes close!

  3. For my personal photography shoots, I have been using my ‘F’ for a one camera, one lens challenge since January this year, it will continue until January next year.

    Far from being limiting, I have found myself being more creative, enjoying the fact that I pack just one camera, instead of maybe 2 bodies and a myriad of lenses ‘just in case’

    I enjoy shooting JPEG’s with this camera, the in camera settings produce a contrasty look that I often edit in post process, so why not cut the time sat at a computer and spend more time out taking photos

    1. Hey Andy,
      Wow what a challenge! Are you documenting this somewhere? Would love to see it.

      The limitation that results to breakthrough is essentially my experience with the camera as well. Keep it up man

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