Fuji X Aus – Queen Victoria Night Market – Melbourne Meetup

One of the greatest things about our particular photographic community here at Fuji X Aus is the delight we take in meeting up with one another. Be it for a more formal event such as People With Cameras – as organized by Fujifilm Australia. Or just our regular meetups with a bunch of locals for an afternoon. Delightful. In recent months we have had a number of interstate members make the trip down to Melbourne for various reasons. But we always aim to make an event out of it and organize some time to meet and greet, a bit of photography and a great meal where possible.

This time around we had Helen and Jason from Sydney travel down to Melbourne for some of our fine hospitality. I organized a meet up for any Melbourne members to join us at the Queen Victoria Night Market.  I have written about this market before on my personal blog. It is such a wonderful event full of amazing street style foods set in an incredibly diverse mix of Melburnians. This is what Melbourne is all about. A fine appreciation of the nature of diversity and how it enriches us all culturally.

I arrived when the gates to the night market opened at 5pm and was quickly joined by Jason and Helen. It was incredibly hot as Melbourne had hit a top of 37 degrees. So, in true Melbourne fashion, we welcomed each other with a cold drink. A downpour of epic proportions hit Melbourne only a few minutes later and the humidity became intense. But we soldiered on. We were soon joined by the usual members of Rena, Ian, Peter, Darren, Eko, and Megan. It was also my first time meeting Mia and Daz. Even Dozen.

We walked the market halls or sheds as they have been traditionally called and absorbed the smells and sights of the amazing meals being cooked large-scale. In my past visits to the night market, it has been incredibly busy and that can make photography and getting a quick meal difficult. But I think due to the intensity of the hot day, followed by the heavy rain and hail, this may have turned people away for a little while at least. The sheds were lined with street food vendors from every corner of the globe. We decided to grab some food whilst we waited for some late stragglers to arrive. We set up next to a bar just to make it easy for those people to find us. Obviously.

We spent the rest of the evening walking through the sheds and capturing street style shots of the scenery, people and food. I always love hanging out with this crowd. Like-minded people that support and respect each other.  I had such a great night and it was wonderful to catch up with new people and old friends. At such events, I always feel like I have found my tribe. And that is priceless. Happy shooting.


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