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On a chilly Melbourne night, we gathered in a dark private space, sipped cocktails and talked cameras. Sound like any photographic community event you have ever heard of? Well, it is true. Around a dozen members of Fuji X Aus were invited by Leigh, from Fujifilm Australia, to meet at the Waterslide Bar located discretely in the East end of Southgate. What followed was a risky experiment with cocktails and cameras. Cocktails & Cameras – that has a catchy ring doesn’t it?


Fujifilm Australia is a huge support to our amazing community in that they recognise our passion for the craft and for the products. They listen when we have feedback and when able, hold events for us to experience Fujifilm products.  Leigh has been in Melbourne on a whirlwind tour of camera stores for touch and try events. And, he made the time to organise our event. He brought with him almost every Fujifilm X Series lens, almost every GFX lens, a couple of Cine lenses as well as a bunch of camera bodies including two GFX bodies. There was a lot of interest in those from the participants. But equally many were testing X Series lenses to see if they would suit their needs. Always room in the bag for more kit!

All this gear, he laid out on three tables and once everyone had arrived announced that we could use any of the equipment at our leisure. He went on to explain that as part of the event we could order up to two cocktails each from the bar and then use the gear to photograph the cocktails being made and also upon completion. There was also a great selection of food that came out to our private area within the bar. The bar itself was busy but not crazy. There was enough bar staff to make cocktails frequently.

Like any Fuji X Aus event, there were friends to catch up with from past events and new friends to be made. It was great to see a mix of old and new faces. This, of course, results in informative and creative conversations about what we shoot, what we shoot with, recommendations on gear, events and other photographic opportunities. Gradually we took turns at the bar ordering cocktails. But more often there would be three or four of us gathered around, all taking photos of the one drink being made. The bar staff were great and very focused. We did draw some odd looks from others within the bar – but that didn’t stop us. There is, after all, a prize on offer for the most creative shot.


I know I have said it many times before, but it is true. This really is a great community. Everyone is supportive of each other. New members are welcomed warmly and with interest in their journey. And of course, there is a feeling of respect in our shared interest in photography. And of course Fujifilm products. Hats off to Joe Jongue for organising the event and to Leigh from Fujifilm Australia for such a fun event and for all they do to support our community. Happy shooting.


All images were shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF23mmF2.

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