Flying High With the Fujifilm X Series – Mati Beetson on Aerial​ Photography

Welcome back to the second entry in our series – Flying High With The Fujifilm X Series. No doubt you have seen examples of aerial photography. And we are not just talking about drone footage here. We are talking about photographers getting up amongst the clouds and taking some seriously amazing shots of landscape and nature. Be it a shark in deep waters or a national landmark from several thousand feet, it is a genre that many of us will never get to indulge in. But, we are so fortunate to have members in our community who get sky high with this style of photography both for fun and for work. And here they share those experiences with us. Let’s get into our second instalment off this mini-blog-series with Mati Beetson. Mati has been a member of Fuji X Aus for quite some time is a multi award winning photographer. This year alone he has won many Silver, Silver Distinction and Gold AIPP photographer awards as well as the Overall Winner - 2019 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.  Fuji X Aus congratulates Mati for such amazing achievements and we are equally fortunate to have him share some of his story with us today. 

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