Coffee Shots Fired

There were three of us at the cafe. Helen’s eyes were locked into Michael’s eyes, Michael’s eyes locked into my eyes, and my eyes locked into the bacon and egg roll while making sure my baby isn’t locking her eyes towards the exit. Nevertheless, the atmosphere changed when Helen took out her camera. It took her only 2 seconds to nail the shot. As for Michael and I, let’s just say it took us a bit longer… well, it took Michael a lot longer than me.

For context, Helen is known as, ‘Helen Coffee Queen Yin’ and Michael is known as, ‘Michael Catababy yah yah’ and for me, ‘Char Lee’, Bruce Lee’s cousin. Char Lee and Michael Catababy yah yah love our coffee, however Helen’s love for coffee is next level. So after watching the ‘Black Panther’, we wanted to challenge Helen, the Queen of photographing coffee. So this is where we need your help.

Here are three photos. Please comment below and vote which one stands out to you the most (and if you explain why, Joe Jongue might be willing to take you out for dinner). So here is the structure you can follow in the comments:

  1. The title of the photo you are voting for
  2. What stands out to you about the photograph


That is all it takes. THANK YOU! Here are the photos:

Title: Pastelatte



Title: Off-kilter




Title: The Levitator


28 thoughts on “Coffee Shots Fired

  1. Torn between the Off-Kilter and the Levitator for different reasons.

    Off-Kilter – provides a good insight into the space that the photographer is in. The warmth in colour and well-organised chairs and tables with the cultery neatly placed on them. One can sense that the coffee that is sitting on top of the table may be also made with care and attention to detail.

    The Levitator – first to notice is the difference in the colour tone of the enviroment, although the colour of the crema remains true. It gives off much more solitary vibe to the photograph where one feels that the photographer was wanting to be alone (sitting on a bench seat). It has the best detail of the coffee (latte art) out of all three, which shows the skill set behind the maker of the coffee.

    My pick – The Levitator!
    Reason – The challenge in my understanding is to pick the best ‘coffee’ shot which this photo shows most explicitly. It is a three quaters full flatwhite or of a kind with freshly made intact coffee. The Off-Kilter would have been my best pick if the challenge was to capture the best cafe shot!

    Sorry for my long and winded answer. I hope you don’t mind it 🙂

  2. I like Pastelatte mainly because it is very pleasant to the eyes as it stands out against a wonderful color and bokeh.

  3. Tough call but what stands out to me is is the Pastelatte. It may not have the earthy tones but its original composition, energising freshness in colours, arty reflections are out of the ordinary of coffee shots and keep drawing and satisfying my eyes.

  4. Off kilter by a smidgen. The use of foreground in the composition is excellent and the coffee is perfectly framed in the image.

    Pastel latte has some amazing bokeh but the eye is drawn awa from the coffee as it sits a little too low in the composition.

  5. The Levitator for me.

    Reason: The coffee was drank first and therefore enjoyed before any photograph was taken. I appreciate that and plus there was no excessive use of blur to make the coffee stand out.

  6. Pastelatte stood out for me! I love those tones and the cup is perfectly focussed with that soft bokeh background! Sweeeeet!!!

  7. The Levitator. Love the dark tone and simplicity of the shot yet it accentuate the mood. You can almost smell the aroma of the coffee.

  8. All are exceptional, but Pastellatte is the clear winner in my eyes. That amazing bokeh, the vibrancy and colours draw me in and even further in!

    Love the blog post as well, hilarious!!

  9. Off-kilter for me. The dark tones and same colour palette won it for me.
    The pastellatte’s light and airy tone is the complete opposite, which is really good. The bokeh and reflections though, both compliments and distracts.
    The levitator is simple yet eye catching. Amongst the three, this is the most safe image.
    Congratulations you three! Job very well done!
    The write up is funny as well.

  10. An interesting set. For me the best shot is The Levitator, it respects the subject more than the others as a focal point. Good stuff people!

  11. Off kilter. The composition is different and interesting, the subject isolation is great but you can still make out the cafe environment and the coffee coloured tones wrap it all up.

  12. They’re all really good shots with a very different look so it’s hard to pick! i’m feeling drawn the the moody shot, so The Levitator it is!

  13. Pastelattte for me. I like the use of light to create a very cheerful emotion which is exactly how I feel about my morning coffee. I really like the flow of the composition as well; it feels more open and spacious. Top Shot!

  14. It’s a tough choice! They’re all amazing but if I have to pick one, i’ll go with Pastelatte. Bokehlicious! I love it 🙂

  15. Off-Kilter for me.
    I like the use of space and surroundings to get the shot. Subject is well framed, and I like the tones in the shot. I somewhat wish that there were people in the background on the tables behind, but I think this overall this is a really well put together image.

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