Buying and Selling Second Hand Gear – In a Time of New Camera Madness!

With the upcoming frenzy surrounding the launch of the X-T200, the X100V and the soon to be announced X-T4, you may be considering selling existing gear to upgrade to a new model. Don’t feel bad…we all go through it every time there is a new camera. I thought I would put together a couple of considerations when it comes to selling and buying second-hand gear. This is to keep you safe from scams and above all else being disappointed in your trade value.

If buying from a Fuji X Aus member:

  • Fuji X Aus takes no responsibility for sales between members.
  • Try to arrange a local pickup to see the goods first.
  • See if they have been a long time member of the group.
  • If in doubt ask an admin.

If buying from an eBay seller:

  • Be sure that they have a good seller rating and no negative feedback about products not as described or not delivered. Also look for how well their communication skills are. 
  • Always check the asking price against other sellers to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.
  • Watch out that the shipping is not out of place.
  • Where possible, buy from Australian sellers. (Personally I would only buy camera gear from within Australia. At a stretch USA and Japan).
  • If possible, avoid white and grey box items as their origins are uncertain and their condition unknown.
  • If possible, arrange for a pick up of the goods to save on postage and to ensure the product is as described.
  • If there is not enough images or description of the product, ask for more to ensure that there are no scratches on lenses, damage to the sensor or rear screen and that all features and functions operate as expected.
  • eBay has buyer protection systems provided you play by the rules.
  • See eBay’s own terms and conditions for effective buying online guides.

If buying from Facebook Marketplace:

  • If you don’t like it is a legitimate sale or there is a hint of dodgy then do not proceed.
  • If possible aim for local pick up to inspect the goods.
  • If not enough details or photos always ask for more.
  • Join a marketplace specific to Fujifilm Buy Swap Sell Australia as they are moderated.


  • Where possible – pay cash or PayPal.
  • Don’t give your bank details unless it is someone you know.
  • Arrange for local pick up so you can inspect the goods and offer cash.


  • Request for items to be bubble wrapped and in posted in a box.
  • Request tracking and signature on arrival.
  • Consider paying for insurance depending on the price of the goods.
  • You will end up paying these costs but it protects you.

Please note that this is not a definitive guide but more a ‘things to consider’ list. You should always undertake your own research and seek your own advice. Fuji X Aus and the Rep/Admin team take no responsibility for the process or outcome of sales between members.

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