Fujifilm Product Improvement – Expanding Customisable Buttons

One Button To Rule Them All!

I’m the type of guy who loves shortcuts and hotkeys, I think it’s a result of many years of gaming where having keys to perform certain actions at your fingertips instead of reaching across the keyboard and taking your eye off the screen anything to get that competitive advantage. So when it comes to customisable buttons on cameras, the more the better, not to the degree where you try and cram as many buttons physically possible onto a small compact camera. This got me thinking, on the current X Series bodies we have the option to customise the D-Pad and a handful of Fn keys, some models even allow you to customise the front and rear dials. But outside of that, you’re limited to an approx. 8 or 9 customisable buttons (less on certain models). I believe I may have a solution that will increase the number of customisable buttons without adding any more physical buttons to the camera body, and it could actually be done via a firmware upgrade.

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Shooting through adversity! A photographers journey – Peter Walpole.

I have long been a big believer that art can be a great healer. In life we are presented with unique, complex and sometimes horrific situations to deal with, and find a way through, to a better and more liveable outcome. And whilst I acknowledge that it is not always possible, taking up a creative pursuit can be a great form of therapy. Perhaps it is the mindfulness of the activity itself versus the end outcome.  Whilst there is great joy and pride in producing a finished piece of art, the process to get there can be the most satisfying.

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Is Eye-AF the solution to Fujifilm’s problems? — My Fuji Life

Introduction I’ve toyed with the title of this article. Technically, this isn’t about eye-AF, it’s about a simplification of Fujifilm’s autofocus. The reason for this is I don’t think eye-AF is the complete solution to user problems, at least not entirely. It’s a great feature, and Sony’s facial preference technology (which gives preference to specific […]

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