Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 Mini Review

Before I start this mini-review I would like to give a quick shout-out to Michael from Arahan Photos for this sending this amazing piece of glass for me to review, they have also offered an exclusive discount for FXA members, I’ll mention the details at the end of this post. As with all my ‘reviews’, they are not your typical in-depth reviews focusing on pixel peeping and colour charts there are plenty of those around, they are also not sponsored and what I write is my own personal opinion. In this mini-review, I will talk about what characteristics of this lens that sets it apart from the other prime telephoto lenses out there.

Viltrox is not a common household name in the world of photography unless you’ve been using their adaptors to mount other non-Fujifilm lenses. There are a number of key characteristics about the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 that make it enticing for enthusiasts but before we get into what those are, here is a quick list of the physical specs:

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Fujifilm Product Improvement – Expanding Customisable Buttons

One Button To Rule Them All!

I’m the type of guy who loves shortcuts and hotkeys, I think it’s a result of many years of gaming where having keys to perform certain actions at your fingertips instead of reaching across the keyboard and taking your eye off the screen anything to get that competitive advantage. So when it comes to customisable buttons on cameras, the more the better, not to the degree where you try and cram as many buttons physically possible onto a small compact camera. This got me thinking, on the current X Series bodies we have the option to customise the D-Pad and a handful of Fn keys, some models even allow you to customise the front and rear dials. But outside of that, you’re limited to an approx. 8 or 9 customisable buttons (less on certain models). I believe I may have a solution that will increase the number of customisable buttons without adding any more physical buttons to the camera body, and it could actually be done via a firmware upgrade.

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Fujifilm XF56mmF1.2 vs XF90mmF2 – Clash of the titans — My Fuji Life

Pre-Note I’ve left the lens information off the description of these photos as I thought it would provide some insight into how close they are. The exif data is imbedded in the files, so I’ll let you try guess which is which. Introduction It is guaranteed that this question is going to come up on […]

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Glamping with Fuji X Aus

Glamourous Camping or Glamping as it’s known as has always been something I wanted to experience for a long time, fortunately, that opportunity presented itself through the Fuji X Aus community. Big thanks and shout out to Ian Tan for organising and putting it together, Dale Rogers from Photo Rangers for being our tour guide, Randall from The Sheltered Glamping Co for the amazing experience, Leigh Diprose from Fujifilm Australia for the loan GFX50s + assortment of lenses (and the awesome Fujifilm X Coffee Mugs) and finally to all those who attended the event. In short, it was an experience I would never forget and something that I want to share with the community.

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Is Eye-AF the solution to Fujifilm’s problems? — My Fuji Life

Introduction I’ve toyed with the title of this article. Technically, this isn’t about eye-AF, it’s about a simplification of Fujifilm’s autofocus. The reason for this is I don’t think eye-AF is the complete solution to user problems, at least not entirely. It’s a great feature, and Sony’s facial preference technology (which gives preference to specific […]

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Converting Fujifilm TCL-X100 mk1 to mk2


You’re probably thinking how is this even possible, before we get into it let’s look at the difference between the two. The mk1 was initially released for the x100/S/T models, as a means to give people that little extra reach and background isolation, or as a way to offer those who prefer the equivalent focal length of a 50mm. One of the limitations with this version is that you must remember to enable it whenever it is attached, then disabled it when it’s detached, this is either done in the menu or by assigning it to a function button which is the most common approach. But what this means is that you’re now short 1 function button, on a compact body you’re limited to how many buttons you can customise. Even with a button assigned I still find myself forgetting to toggle it on/off, but why not just leave it set to one and forget about it. Well the other purpose of this is that the system can then do corrections based on which convertor lens you have attached. Think of it as camera/lens profile to correct distortion etc.

When the X100F was released Fujifilm also released the mk ii of the conversion lenses. They are very similar but with one standout feature. Whenever this is attached to a X100F, the camera will recognise which conversion lens it is and automatically enable it for you. Additionally when it’s detached it’ll disabled it. Surely there’s other improvements? Well not that I can tell, both are optically the same, maybe a few physical appearance tweaks but that’s it as far as I can see. I’ve yet to find a post from someone pointing out any major differences apart from what I’ve mentioned above.

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