Coffee Shots Fired

There were three of us at the cafe. Helen’s eyes were locked into Michael’s eyes, Michael’s eyes locked into my eyes, and my eyes locked into the bacon and egg roll while making sure my baby isn’t locking her eyes towards the exit. Nevertheless, the atmosphere changed when Helen took out her camera. Continue reading “Coffee Shots Fired”

SYD FXA + Ted’s World of Imaging MARCH COLLAB

Often after New Years Day, many of us would choose and act on our goals for the year ahead. For us as a FXA community, our goal has and will always be about investing in our community and the broader photography community. Continue reading “SYD FXA + Ted’s World of Imaging MARCH COLLAB”

20 Minute Date with the 16mm 2.8

I’ve never been on a speed date, but last Saturday was a first for me. My hands were sweaty and I didn’t have the right words but it felt right to be in the moment. The way the lens looked into my eyes and into the eyes of everything around it was picture perfect. It was petite, beautiful and had a ring on it that went from f2.8 to f22. If you haven’t noticed already, I am talking about the latest Fujifilm 16mm 2.8. 

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SYD Fuji X Aus + George’s Cameras

Disclaimer: Sorry that this post has been released so late! When I nearly finished it last month, it disappeared quite suddenly and ever since then I haven’t put the time back into completing this. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this recount of our first collaboration with George’s Cameras!

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Sydney | People with Cameras 2018

(Featured Photo by Ivor Dwitomo)

Melbourne had the first piece of cake of ‘People with Cameras’ on September 1st. Us Sydney folks had no choice but to watch from afar. We knew PWC was coming to Sydney in November, but a lot of us were jealous to see the buzz on Facebook. The retailers brought in lenses, drones, tripods, filters and the sheer numbers of attendees out with their cameras on a rainy afternoon. Rumours spread vastly that Chuck Norris (Joe Jongue) himself led the Fuji X Aus photowalk. Continue reading “Sydney | People with Cameras 2018”

Fuji X Aus SYD + Digital Camera Warehouse (Kent St) Collab in Newtown, Sydney


At our last collaboration, we were welcomed by Noah’s flood in Chinatown. The rain was not very forgiving, however that did not stop us from meeting up. We had roughly 28 people show up and that spoke volumes about the kind of group we are. Rain or shine, it is all about getting together and exploring our passion in photography. For those who did not see our vlog from the meet up in Chinatown, here it is:

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A Camera-Shy Photographer’s Journey to Vlogging {Part 2} + Fujifilm X-T100 Short Reflection


Part 2 is finally here. I am sure many of us lost sleep waiting for this video to be released. Nevertheless, please do watch it to see what us Sydney siders were up to recently and read below for some of my reflections to learn from.

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A Camera-Shy Photographer’s Journey to Vlogging {Part 1}

Most photographers would prefer to be behind the camera, not in front (unless you are Mark Saltissi, a full-time photographer and model.) So why did I decide to take the bullet by agreeing to do my first vlog? Because I know there are many camera-shy photographers in our Facebook group who are petrified to take the leap, so here I am. Okay, jokes aside and to the point, I’m naturally impulsive and I hope this blog + vlog (part 2) will inspire you to be more impulsive to vlog as well. Here we go. Continue reading “A Camera-Shy Photographer’s Journey to Vlogging {Part 1}”

Sydney | Experimenting with Lighting

We have the best community around. Our group gathers once a month and we often visit new places, meet familiar and new friends and participate in challenges that’ll make you want to throw your camera (and later send it to Fujifilm Australia for repair). The month of August was a special one in our books. We gathered at Newtown, NSW to experiment with all sorts of lights. Continue reading “Sydney | Experimenting with Lighting”