AGUA-90 Stormproof Versa Backpack- Antonio Colaiacovo

Rain, Hail, Thunder, Lighting, Fire!!!

Well, maybe not fire but the “Agua series Stormproof ” bag by Miggo suggests that it is storm proof. I am using the AGUA-90 Stormproof Versa Backpack. It is rated IPX 3, so it is water and dust resistant.


Hey out there, I am Antonio, and this is my first camera Bag review. I have been carrying it everywhere with me over the last 4 months, and I have to say it has grown on me to become my favourite go-to everyday camera carry bag. I carry a mirrorless system with 3 different lenses with no issues. You can also fit a full-frame comfortably with no problems.


Basically, everyone has this concept of the “PERFECT ” camera bag. Many companies have tried to design and incorporate every feature they can. In today’s world where professional quality cameras are affordable, competition is big business, but trust me, there is no such thing as perfect. The good news is this bag is close to it. In my hands, it feels good to touch. It’s soft and it feels like quality material.


There is only one thing that I can fault with this bag. I believe we should start with the bad news first so here we go. The only issue is there are no straps outside the bag or a place to attach a tripod. So make sure your tripod has its own carry bag. Basically, that’s it!!

It is comfortable to carry on my back. The straps are soft which means it won’t take long to break in. There are also a couple of different carry options, depending on what you like or the situation you are in. There is lots of room inside to carry your gear plus some snacks on a hike. It has room for a laptop, a pouch for an iPad and a place to add your favourite pens and notepad (fujixaus pens 😉 I also love the idea of the removable pouch. I can add a camera and lenses inside the pouch and quickly remove them all if I don’t need them. My favourite feature of this bag is the option to have an inbuilt power bank. There is a compartment on the side to attach a power bank and an external USB port to charge your phone without opening the bag.


All in all its an amazing feature filled bag for every condition and environment. It also looks uniquely awesome too.  I rate it 8 out of 10.

For more information on the Miggo range of products, please check them out here!


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  1. IPX3 isn’t waterproof it’s still only water resistant, (top ingress to a 60-degree angle) but if you’re in a storm, the rain is likely not going to see you ‘underwater’ anyway… But yeah, you need to make sure you make that distinction for daft people that see you claim that it’s waterproof and go swimming with it. Yay internet.

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