A Camera-Shy Photographer’s Journey to Vlogging {Part 2} + Fujifilm X-T100 Short Reflection


Part 2 is finally here. I am sure many of us lost sleep waiting for this video to be released. Nevertheless, please do watch it to see what us Sydney siders were up to recently and read below for some of my reflections to learn from.

Talk less, show more

After a few attempts, I realised how easy it was to get into a rhythm. This is great to begin with, however we need to be mindful that we don’t over talk and show too much of our faces. If however talking is a big element of your vlog, be sure to be talking over different footages as oppose to the camera being on you most of the time. This was my mistake and I hope you learn from it!

Expect the unexpected

Leading up to the day, I felt like I had all my bases covered until…the flood of Noah decided to visit once again. Considering the weather was beautiful all week, the thought of crazy rain on a Friday was unbelievable. I was so nervous to take out the camera as the camera itself was from Fujifilm Australia (and I did not want to pay to replace it!)

So from this experience, I wish I did a bit more research on how to video in the rain more safely so that I would have more footage to show from the event.

Sharpen your editing skills

The first program I edited on was iMovie. It is REALLY easy to get the hang of it and translates well when we are ready to move on to a more comprehensive program. Because I took a courageous step to do this vlog, I forced myself to download Premiere Pro and watched a few YouTube videos to learn the basics. I would recommend watching this video as it was the most helpful:


Don’t stop

After I was done with this vlog + blog, there was a feeling of relief but also a hunger to do this more. It kind of reminds me of my first photoshoot. It was daunting and overwhelming, however when I was done, it was like a wave of confidence consumed me. Building on that confidence,  I’ve done a lot more photoshoots than I could ever imagine and I still love doing it as a side hustle! My hope is that you too will give it a go. A new passion means a new relationship with your camera, and that is pretty special.

Thank you Digital Camera Warehouse on Kent St, Sydney for collaborating with us in this event. Also a special thank you to Fujifilm Australia for loaning me the Fujifilm X-T100 for this event as well.





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