A Camera-Shy Photographer’s Journey to Vlogging {Part 1}

Most photographers would prefer to be behind the camera, not in front (unless you are Mark Saltissi, a full-time photographer and model.) So why did I decide to take the bullet by agreeing to do my first vlog? Because I know there are many camera-shy photographers in our Facebook group who are petrified to take the leap, so here I am. Okay, jokes aside and to the point, I’m naturally impulsive and I hope this blog + vlog (part 2) will inspire you to be more impulsive to vlog as well. Here we go.

Fujifilm Australia was very kind to loan me a Fujifilm X-T100 for our Fuji X Aus and Digital Camera Warehouse photowalk that is taking place this Friday In Chinatown, Sydney CBD (details below.) Other than the general T&C, Fujifilm Australia did not request me to send through x amount of photos or any video work. I took it upon myself to step outside of my comfort zone and notified Fujifilm Australia, Digital Camera Warehouse and the Fuji X Aus Admin Team that I’ll be vlogging the photowalk.

Because there was already nervousness around doing a vlog, accountability is vital.

Like most things in life, when there is no accountability, there is no solidarity. Fujifilm said cool, DCW said awesome and the Fuji X Aus Admins changed topics before I can get any affirmation. Nevertheless, I knew that this was going to be beneficial for our community and future community members. If not, part 2 (which will contain the offical vlog of the event,) will never see the light of day.

Regardless of how the vlog will turn out, I would encourage all photographers to at least do one video. It could be a vlog, short clip, documentary, or a Stephen Spielberg block buster. Why?

1. Depending on context, your camera and an editing software is all you really need.

It’s daunting to get into something new because it can feel like learning a new language and normally there’s a price tag involved. In this case, switching your camera to ‘Movie mode’ and a handful of courage could be a start to a beautiful adventure.

2. A new skill set, a new you.

Think of it as you are getting a new firmware update for yourself. By impulsively getting into video, you will gain skills that will help you to promote your content, document life in a fresh way, a new journey often pairs with new friends and you will have a new relationship with your gear.

3. Familiar gear becomes new gear

As artists who constantly desire to sharpen our craft, applying familiar techniques in a new world is possible with our current gear. Our understanding of our camera + settings will be affected. For example, We will learn that we cannot rely on AF alone, and the need to improve in our manual focusing will increase. In addition to this, we can also observe on how shutter speed affects our moving subjects differently than the way we traditionally use it.

The list goes on, however we owe it to ourselves to thrive in our creativity by exploring the uncharted territory in videography.

4. Another tool to share stories

If telling stories isn’t important to you, feel free to skip this point. However I know for most of us, this is often our goal whenever we look through the viewfinder. In video, it goes without saying that we can bring out a different facet of narratives with audio, motion, panning and dialog. Including these elements in our storytelling can open the door to new ventures.


Concluding thoughts:

I know I am not the only one that can say that there is a massive gap between my knowledge of photography and videography. As mentioned above, there are many perks in closing the gap to grow in our craftsmanship as artists. Be impulsive and get your camera ready to record some footage and don’t settle for the familiar.

Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’ that will show the aftermath of my first vlog, what worked, what didn’t work and ideas for next time. If you are in our FujixAus Facebook group, I’d encourage you to share a short clip no matter what we think of it. ‘The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.’ Also if you’ve done videos in the past, please do share your early experiences in the comments below!

**Please join us this Friday (7th of September) from 6:30-8:30pm in Sydney CBD! Click here for more details.

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  1. Great stuff. I’m all for photographers utilising video to spread their knowledge and encourage othe s try new things.

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