We are the Fuji X Aus community, a community of passionate and like-minded individuals coming together to share our experiences and discuss all things Fujifilm and Art of Photography in general. This community is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand with exceptions for established Social Influencers.

Our goal is to build a friendly environment to connect the Fujifilm Community together where members are encouraged to take part in discussion topics, competitions and events while enjoying exclusive offers from a number of Retailers and Suppliers.

We’re also a non-profit group, often using our own personal funds to cover the cost of maintaining our website, postage for prize giveaways and competitions, merchandises etc, so if you would like to show your support please head over to our Merchandise page and purchase a t-shirt or hoodie. Alternatively, we are also grateful for any donation.

If you are not already a member of our Facebook group, please join us and follow us on Instagram!

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“Joe cares.”

Jess Varey

“Fuji X Aus is my go to for inspiration, Knowledge, critique and friendship.. the member’s knowledge within the group is outstanding and I’ve learnt a lot from them. Top that off with quality free merchandise from time to time!! Couldn’t ask for a more supportive bunch to have in my corner.”

Pinky Spencer

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Join Us!

In most states of Australia, we meet together and build community by exploring different means of photography, meet familiar and new friends and are pretty intentional to venture to new places. Have a read below to get a preview of what your state meet up looks like.

NSW – Sydney

Reps – Charlie Blevins | Chris Forman | Igor Vyvey

Our Sydney group meets the first Saturday of every month from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Every month we often go somewhere new and attempt to try new things as we explore our passion for photography. We are also very friendly people who love to hang out outside of our ‘official meetups’. If you are from Sydney and would love a community to join, please shoot us a message on our Facebook page (via the Facebook widget on the top right) or email us (via ‘Contact’ page.)

WA – Perth

Reps – Gustavo Potenza | Chong Lee | Janice Kho

Perth has a small group of active participants on meetings and historically favoured Street Photography which drives us to always bring new themes, genres and also competitions during events so we get to explore every aspect of photography and the blessed weather here in WA.

Hey… don’t worry… we’re far but all Fuji merch comes to us as well so if you around then join our Chat Room on Facebook Messenger and stay tuned for our next events!

VIC – Melbourne

Reps – Joe Jongue | Ian Tan | Natalia Na | Greg Cromie

Melbourne never has any shortage of events, ranging from road trips out to regional areas such as Mount Macedon and Glamping at Phillip Island to capture iconic scenes to urban streets and alleyways in the CBD and city fringes to flash photography workshops. Official Fujifilm merchandise is usually distributed at events i.e. Hats, Notepads, Straps, and Drink Bottles just to name a few. At the end of these events, coffee usually follows as we chillax, sharing photos and talking about how the day went.

QLD – Brisbane

Reps – TBD

As members are spread vastly around QLD, Meetups are usually held in central Brisbane. The group consists of dedicated individuals and of all skill level, given Brisbane warmer weather, events often go into the early evenings (blue hour). So you’re keen, message one of the reps and join in.

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